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Board Room – Code of Conduct

Few days back I went for one meeting and was sitting at client meeting room.

Got these “Ground Rules” and liked very much.

  • Be Prompt.
  • Come Prepared
  • State Purpose and Review Agenda
  • Everyone should Contribute Constructively
  • Pay Attention and Be Courteous.
  • Be Focused on Topic.
  • Summarize Issues and Decisions.
  • Assign Action.

Happy Meeting.

Running and Living Kandivali-Mumbai Chapter

Oh! My God.
बस क्या कहू, मजा आ गया.

So guys and gals, if you love to run and live. And you love the concept of Running and Living. Then come and join us. We usually run either on saturday or sunday from borivali national park to kaneri caves.

JOin the group – Running-and-Living-Kandivali-Chapter

Now just waiting for next weekend for more run.

Happy Running and Living.

india startup tips in

No , No I am not a strtup guy. I don’t have any thing to start now.

Yea but I can work for you. So if you have any thing to work/code/analyse/test/hack then let me know, that I can do that.

Yesterday I was watching the Official video channel and after so many days I liked the talk given my Mr. Mahesh Murthy. I really got some energy to think more for some idea and work for it. Let see.

Here i am summarizing the points what he mentioned in his talk, that will be helpful for me and other in future.

  • If you have a product in your mind don’t even bother just go ahead. Your idea is your idea and if you think is good then just go ahead.
  • Price – Price of the product is your weapon.
    • Never give lesser price to your product. Analyze the price and give the competitive price of your product. Your price would give the tension to your competitor.
    • He gave good example that if you are 20 person company then by lesser price you can never catch a 2000 person company, they will be
      always ahead.
    • Only competitive price will give tension to the opposite party.
  • User Interface – UI should be good. No compromise with UI.
    • bad, crappy UI shows the cheapness in your product.
    • Good UI will give good competition.
  • Customers – Getting customers/users for your site.
    • Any startup look for first 100 customers. If they are with feel-good-fector then automatically 100 will converted to 100*n times.
    • Get your customers/users from confs/events/get-together. At these places you can adv your product free of your cost.
    • For paid confs/events, represent your self as speaker so your will get free entry. 🙂
  • Marketing – He gave one statement, sorry I dont understant that.
    • Not necessary that more budget will give more success.
    • “Competence is a marketer, is inversely proportional to your marketing budget.” I really don’t understood this. 😦
    • “More the budget is less the brain”. 🙂
  • Be the Master
    • Be the master in your field.
    • Do some research in your field and you should be thought leader in your field.
  • Don’t follow the trends
    • You can almost never be successful by following the trend.
    • Trend is like end.

Wow, what a nice talk, you can get/see/watch/listen more talk on Official video channel.

Till then I will collect more talk and summarize this for you all and for me too. 🙂

Happy Startup. 😛

exploring mumbai for pav-bhaji

So yesterday was friday. I called my cousin After my office which is in borivali, and his office is in vikroli. I asked him dude, where to go.

He told, lets come to matunga central, you will get good pav-bhaji there. I think it was kings circle or maheshweri circle.
And I said wow, for 25 rs pav-bhaji we went all the way to matunga.

Reached there at 2230 and reached home at 0100 :D.

And at last we ended with awesome pav-bhaji, where pav is “lasan wala pav” then “eagle (goregaon) wala icecream { chiku and kesar flavor } 😛

जमीन पर चटाई बिछा रखी थी, ऐसा लग रहा था मानो पंगत मैं बैठ कर खाना खा रहे हो.
बस, फ़िर उसके बाद eagle wala ice-cream, अरे वही अपने गोरेगांव वाला eagle ice-cream. 😀

But we explored a lot that day. That is how we called as pure food junkies. 😛

Wow, nice weekend is waiting for us.

barcamp mumbai 5

बार – केम्प , अरे ये वो नही है जैसा आप सोच रहे है….

ओहो! यह तो एक ही वाक्य है — बारकैम्प

जानिए ज्यादा के बारे मैं —-

BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction from participants.

तो फ़िर मैंने भी अपना रुख कर लिया मुंबई ५ की तरफ़….

देखिये सभी चित्र यंहा – Edition barcampMumbai5

Wow, this was nice event again.

$arrFunUnlimited = array();

बस यार मजा आ गया

BarcampBangalore 4 – done a lotta fun and learning.

Event is done. A great event. A great get-together. A great learning.

My continuous 4th barcamp attendence after

  1. BarcampBangalore-1
  2. BarcampBangalore-2
  3. BarcampBangalore-3

Some To-Do or MoM after bcb4.

  • Got some tips for blogging. I will implement that.
  • I will buy a cycle ASAP as per the talk we had for Bicycling in BarcampBangalore Collective.
  • I love Python language. Now serious for learning Python.
  • I am photo crazy. Got some tips in photo collective , so I will take care for all the points mentioned.
  • Now no more ruby learning. Now I dont like ruby. So stop reading. Plz do not ask me why. 🙂
  • Lods and Lods of fun and get-together with old friends.

My Photos are here — BarcampBangalore4 photos from ganuullu

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Barcampbangalore 4 : on the way

BarCamp Bangalore

I am waiting , I am waiting , I am waiting.

check this out what is – Barcamp
and this is site for BarcampBangalore.


Now this time the barcamp is with the new idea as collactive.

I am intrested for 2 things as summary.

  • BCB4_Photo_Collective
    • I am a junk photographer. In photos I live on this Flickr page. Or you can search “ganuullu” this is my userid for flickr. I just love photos so this time from barcamp I will learn the creatives ways to take photos and some tips and tricks for photography. 🙂
  • BCB4_BangPypers
    • I love Python. Sorry I do not know this language but I still like this language. When I was doing my MCA 6th sem intern project in IIM-A then some one gave me this name. From that time I am fascinated for this language. I did some small program for learning this language. Now in this event I will understand the depth of this language. And here I will get the community for the help. huff!! I have lots of things to learn in Python.

And let see what other collacitve are usefull. 🙂

Happy barcamp’ing. Happy Geeking. 🙂

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