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No , No I am not a strtup guy. I don’t have any thing to start now.

Yea but I can work for you. So if you have any thing to work/code/analyse/test/hack then let me know, that I can do that.

Yesterday I was watching the Official video channel and after so many days I liked the talk given my Mr. Mahesh Murthy. I really got some energy to think more for some idea and work for it. Let see.

Here i am summarizing the points what he mentioned in his talk, that will be helpful for me and other in future.

  • If you have a product in your mind don’t even bother just go ahead. Your idea is your idea and if you think is good then just go ahead.
  • Price – Price of the product is your weapon.
    • Never give lesser price to your product. Analyze the price and give the competitive price of your product. Your price would give the tension to your competitor.
    • He gave good example that if you are 20 person company then by lesser price you can never catch a 2000 person company, they will be
      always ahead.
    • Only competitive price will give tension to the opposite party.
  • User Interface – UI should be good. No compromise with UI.
    • bad, crappy UI shows the cheapness in your product.
    • Good UI will give good competition.
  • Customers – Getting customers/users for your site.
    • Any startup look for first 100 customers. If they are with feel-good-fector then automatically 100 will converted to 100*n times.
    • Get your customers/users from confs/events/get-together. At these places you can adv your product free of your cost.
    • For paid confs/events, represent your self as speaker so your will get free entry. 🙂
  • Marketing – He gave one statement, sorry I dont understant that.
    • Not necessary that more budget will give more success.
    • “Competence is a marketer, is inversely proportional to your marketing budget.” I really don’t understood this. 😦
    • “More the budget is less the brain”. 🙂
  • Be the Master
    • Be the master in your field.
    • Do some research in your field and you should be thought leader in your field.
  • Don’t follow the trends
    • You can almost never be successful by following the trend.
    • Trend is like end.

Wow, what a nice talk, you can get/see/watch/listen more talk on Official video channel.

Till then I will collect more talk and summarize this for you all and for me too. 🙂

Happy Startup. 😛



  1. Posted May 25, 2009 at 4:50 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Ted speech!

  2. ketan
    Posted June 7, 2009 at 8:16 am | Permalink | Reply

    Hi Ganu,

    This were some good tips… if you have any idea for startup do let me know. I am also interested in startup’s for future and would like to work with like minded and known people 🙂

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