Barcampbangalore 4 : on the way

BarCamp Bangalore

I am waiting , I am waiting , I am waiting.

check this out what is – Barcamp
and this is site for BarcampBangalore.


Now this time the barcamp is with the new idea as collactive.

I am intrested for 2 things as summary.

  • BCB4_Photo_Collective
    • I am a junk photographer. In photos I live on this Flickr page. Or you can search “ganuullu” this is my userid for flickr. I just love photos so this time from barcamp I will learn the creatives ways to take photos and some tips and tricks for photography. 🙂
  • BCB4_BangPypers
    • I love Python. Sorry I do not know this language but I still like this language. When I was doing my MCA 6th sem intern project in IIM-A then some one gave me this name. From that time I am fascinated for this language. I did some small program for learning this language. Now in this event I will understand the depth of this language. And here I will get the community for the help. huff!! I have lots of things to learn in Python.

And let see what other collacitve are usefull. 🙂

Happy barcamp’ing. Happy Geeking. 🙂

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