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Dump CSV data to PostgreSQL

I like this feature and use it very frequently.

cat Book1.csv | psql -Uuser -hsomehose -p1234 database -c "COPY TABLE_NAME(field1,field2) from STDIN with delimiter E’,’";

This is very quick. By this way the book.csv data will be directly dumped to PostgreSQL database.

Happy Database.

Sarveshwari Jagdishwari Bhajan – Hindi Lyrics

सर्वेश्वरी जगदीश्वरी -२ , हे मातृ रूप महेश्वरी ।
ममतामयी करुणामयी – २ , हे मातृ रूप महेश्वरी।

सर्वेश्वरी जगदीश्वरी -२ , हे मातृ रूप महेश्वरी।

जगजीवनी संजीवनी, समस्त जीवनेश्वरी। – २
हे मातृ रूप महेश्वरी।
सर्वेश्वरी जगदीश्वरी -२ , हे मातृ रूप महेश्वरी।

कृपालिनी जगतारिणी, प्रतिपल भुवन हृदयेश्वरी। -२
हे मातृ रूप महेश्वरी।
सर्वेश्वरी जगदीश्वरी -२ , हे मातृ रूप महेश्वरी।- २

तमहारीनी शुभकारणी, मनमोहिनी विश्वेश्वरी। – २
हे मातृ रूप महेश्वरी।
सर्वेश्वरी जगदीश्वरी -२ , हे मातृ रूप महेश्वरी।
ममतामयी करुणामयी – २ , हे मातृ रूप महेश्वरी।

सर्वेश्वरी जगदीश्वरी -२ , हे मातृ रूप महेश्वरी।

Jai Mata Di.

Filimi Dialogue – Dhoom 3 – वाह ! क्या डायलाग है।

There are so many dialogue in movie but I like below 4.

The first one is best poem.

  • बंदे है हम उसके हम पर किसका जोर |
    उम्मीदो के सूरज, निकले चारो और ||
    इरादे है फौलादी, हिम्मती है कदम |||
    अपने हाथो किस्मत लिखने आज चले है हम ||||
  • होशियारी, तरकीब और धोका .. तीनो मिल जाए तो लोग उसे जादू समझते है |
  • असली जीत बदले कि नहीं, सपने कि होती है |
  • आये तो थे शराफत से लेकिन जायेंगे धूम मचा के |

Happy Dhoom.

Something Spiritual.

I went for one client meeting and I have seen a diagram. I was not able to take any picture but I have managed to write all the points which was available in picture.

This picture was related to spirituality.

The inner circle is growth and it has 2 section.
The left section has few points as –

  • Culture
  • Value
  • People
  • Ownership
  • Seamless Ness
  • Relationship
  • Dream
  • Desire
  • Ambition
  • Emotion

The right section has few points as –

  • Process
  • Policies
  • System
  • Design
  • Profitability
  • Consequences
  • Opportunity
  • Death
  • Fate
  • Accounts
  • Measurement

If I see these points are very imp in normal life for both Professional and Personal area.

Happy Karma.
Happy Yama.

2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 140,000 times in 2013. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 6 days for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

This was the year when I am not so involved in blogging but 2014 I will write more then ever. My commitment is for 50 post this year.

Happy Blogging.
Happy New Year.

I am Upset and I am back now.

Its been 6 months. Not written any thing and I am upset. After so many years it was discontinued else I have maintained the rule to write something once in month.

Every day I get so many thoughts and so many things to write and to express.

Lets start again.

Happy Start.

How to hard reset Android LG P690, when touch is failed.

I am using LG-P690.

Today suddenly touch stopped working.  I am not able to do anything. Anything means anything. All my account are active and I am clueless what to do.

Before giving this phone to support I want to reset everything.

Objective : How to hard reset if your LG P690 touch is not working.


When the phone is fully off mode, press and hold the Home key + Volume down key + Power key. After some time say 5-10 seconds. You will get LG logo that time release the power key.

And when it will show the hard reset screen then release all the other keys.

And then take a deep breath and wait and finally your phone will be in same state when you have bought the same.


Happy Android.

My new friend

My New Cycle

I was waiting for you from long time. And finally you are with me.

Happy Cycling.

“A” to “Z” of Stress Management

Note : Its not written by me. I just got it from my old archives. Liked to share the same.

  • Always take time for yourself, at least 30 minutes per day.
  • Be aware of your own stress meter, know when to step back and cool down.
  • Concentrate on controlling your own situation, without controlling everybody else.
  • Daily exercise will burn off the stress chemicals.
  • Eat lots of fresh fruit, veggies, bread and water, give your body the best for it to perform at its best.
  • Forgive others, don’t hold grudges and be tolerant not everyone is as capable as you.
  • Gain perspective on things, how important is the issue.
  • Hugs, kisses and laughter. Have fun and don’t be afraid to share your feelings with others.
  • Identify stressors and plan to deal with them better next time.
  • Judge your own performance realistically, don’t set goals out of your own reach.
  • Keep a positive attitude, your outlook will influence outcomes and the way others treat you.
  • Limit alcohol, drugs and other stimulants. They affect your perception and behaviour.
  • Manage money well, seek advice and save at least 10 per cent of what you earn.
  • No is a word you need to learn to use without feeling guilty.
  • Outdoor activities by yourself or with friends and family can be a great way to relax.
  • Play your favourite music rather than watching television.
  • Quit smoking. It is stressing your body daily, not to mention killing you too.
  • Relationships. Nurture and enjoy them, learn to listen more and talk less.
  • Sleep well. With a firm mattress and a supportive pillow, don’t overheat yourself and allow plenty of ventilation.
  • Treat yourself once a week with a massage, dinner out, the movies. Moderation is the key.
  • Understand things from person’s point of view.
  • Verify information before exploding, from the source.
  • Worry less. It really does not get things completed better or quicker.
  • Xpress. Make a regular retreat to your favourite space, make holidays part of your yearly plan and budget.
  • Yearly goal setting. Plan what you want to achieve based on your priorities in your career, relationships, etc.
  • Zest for life. Each day is a gift, smile and be thankful that you are a part of the bigger picture.

Happy Stress Free Life.

पुष्प की अभिलाषा – Poem by Makhanlal Ji Chaturvedi

I can not forget my old days when I liked the HINDI language paper in 9-12th class.

Below poem is written by Respected Sh. Makhanlal ji Chatuvedi Ji.
Today I got these few lines. Awesome lines.

:: पुष्प की अभिलाषा ::

चाह नहीं मैं सुरबाला के, गहनों में गूँथा जाऊँ ||

चाह नहीं, प्रेमी-माला में, बिंध प्यारी को ललचाऊँ ||

चाह नहीं, सम्राटों के शव, पर हे हरि, डाला जाऊँ ||

चाह नहीं, देवों के सिर पर, चढ़ूँ भाग्य पर इठलाऊँ ||

मुझे तोड़ लेना वनमाली, उस पथ पर देना तुम फेंक ||

मातृभूमि पर शीश चढ़ाने, जिस पर जावें वीर अनेक ।।

Happy Poem.

Learning Saturday – III

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. – Colin Powell

Happy Learning.

10 Letter Word

Today I got this. Most 10 IMP letter words.

I liked it.

  1. The most selfish one letter word is – “I”Avoid It.
  2. The most satisfying two letter word is – “WE”:, Use It.
  3. The most poisonous three letter word is – “EGO”, Kill It.
  4. The most used four letter word is – “LOVE”, Value It.
  5. The most pleasing five letter word is – “SMILE”, Keep It.
  6. The fastest spreading six letter word is – “REMOUR”, Ignore It.
  7. The hardesh working seven letter word is – “SUCCESS”, Achieve It.
  8. The most enviable eight letter word is – “JEALOUSY”, Distance It.
  9. The most powerful nine letter word is – “KNOWLEDGE”, Acquire It.
  10. The most essential ten letter word is – “CONFIDENCE”, Trust It.

Note : I have not written these. Its Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V with beautification.

Happy Words.

Hungry Saturday – II

It was great week.

Happy Learning.

Hungry Saturday – I

I am starting the new series as “Hungry Saturday”.
On saturday ( not every ). I will publish all my learning to this post. By this way I want to make sure the continuity and learning.

Happy Learnging. Happy Hunger.

New Year 2013

The new year 2013 arrived.

Whenever a new year comes, some time I am worried and some time I am happy.
Be Happy. Have fun.

Happy New Year 2013.

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