My 2 weekends @foss.in2006 and @barcampbangalore :)


OMG!! if I feel my last 2 weeks then this is like full of work. For first week I was busy with and the next week barcampbangalore.

So I will say I enjoyed both the event a lot. in I was volunteer so I had so many things to learn and so many things to watch and to meet so many other big guys. And this is like awesome.

So this is the

As I told I was volunteer in that

volunteer in 2006

you can see me at extreme left. ( a fat boy ) :){ thnx to spo0nman for taking this photo – more of spo0nman’s photos. }

I am not so good in linux , I am on it from last 6 months only. But I found this is so kool more then windows. so after attending this event I learnt so many things. on the summary I got a kind of zeal.

I met rasmus too. and it was like a dream come true talking to rasmus. If you have not attended this event then I am sure you missed so many things. 🙂

any way meet you in the same event next year.


I am sure you must be knkowing that what is barcamp. Prev year too I have attended the barcampbangalore. Now this is the time for V2.0 so this weekend went to ThoughtWorks for attending the barcampbangalore2.

this is also awesome event. I enjoyed a lot and learnt a lot too. From last so many time i m jsut learning so this time I will also gv my views for any topic. I do not know I have some kind of hasitation or what ?? I do not know but will figure out till the next meetup.

I have attended around 7 talks and all are good and unique for there type.

You can get the slides HERE and HERE. and what abt the photos you can get it from HERE.

So if you were there I am sure you have enjoyed both the events. If you were not there in that then plan for the next year. 🙂

Happy Programming.

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