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Running and Living Kandivali-Mumbai Chapter

Oh! My God.
बस क्या कहू, मजा आ गया.

So guys and gals, if you love to run and live. And you love the concept of Running and Living. Then come and join us. We usually run either on saturday or sunday from borivali national park to kaneri caves.

JOin the group – Running-and-Living-Kandivali-Chapter

Now just waiting for next weekend for more run.

Happy Running and Living.


exploring mumbai for pav-bhaji

So yesterday was friday. I called my cousin After my office which is in borivali, and his office is in vikroli. I asked him dude, where to go.

He told, lets come to matunga central, you will get good pav-bhaji there. I think it was kings circle or maheshweri circle.
And I said wow, for 25 rs pav-bhaji we went all the way to matunga.

Reached there at 2230 and reached home at 0100 :D.

And at last we ended with awesome pav-bhaji, where pav is “lasan wala pav” then “eagle (goregaon) wala icecream { chiku and kesar flavor } 😛

जमीन पर चटाई बिछा रखी थी, ऐसा लग रहा था मानो पंगत मैं बैठ कर खाना खा रहे हो.
बस, फ़िर उसके बाद eagle wala ice-cream, अरे वही अपने गोरेगांव वाला eagle ice-cream. 😀

But we explored a lot that day. That is how we called as pure food junkies. 😛

Wow, nice weekend is waiting for us.

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