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Neral – Matheran Mountain Railway

I like rail-fanning though I am not giving too much time on my this hidden activity. But one day I will be active rail-fanning guy.
Want to know all about train and trains. Even though today also its like daily adventure traveling via train in mumbai.

So we have decided to visit Matheran via Neral-Matheran Mountain Railways.
The train timings are very convenient. There are very few routes in India where toy trains are running. You can see http://www.trainenquiry.com/StaticContent/Special_Hills.aspx like for more detail.

In season time and on weekends the trains are running full, so you make sure you book train tickets well in time. You can book tickets via IRCTC website. So we did the same we have already booked the tickets. 🙂

Nerail is situated in Mumbai – Pune rail road. From Neral we can catch Matheran Train which takes 90 minutes average.

Neral-Matheran Train Time Table.

Neral - Matheran Train Time Table

Neral Railway Station

Nerail Junction, Maharashtra

Matheran Railway Station

Neral-Matheran Railway Engine

Matheran Railway Station

Matheran Railway Station

Matheran Railway Station

A View of narrow gauge, it looks very less space between two tracks and put us into confusion that how a train run on such a narrow space.
At Matheran Railway Station

Neral – Matheran Train traveling is all about fun, curves, hight, slow speed, toy train, stops, views and panoramas.

I clicked some of the train engines.
Neral-Matheran Railway Engine

Neral-Matheran Railway Engine

Neral - Matheran Railway Engine

Neral - Matheran Railway Engine

Neral - Matheran Railway Engine

Neral-Matheran Train Engine

One by one every single engine is looking great and perfect. These trains are also used as passing goods to matheran city.
I clicked the insides engines photos also.. every other engines has its own gears and views…

Neral – Matheran Rail Engine Inside Views

Neral-Matheran Railway Engine

Neral - Matheran Railway Engine - Inside

The full track is covered as curves. Multiple curves in the routes.

Curves at Neral – Matheran route

Matheran Railway Track

Matheran Railway Track

And how about passing from tunnel – A fantastic view.
Neral-Matheran Railway Engine in Tunnel

It feels good when toy train stops at between station and you enjoy a sip of tea.
Matheran Mountain Toy Train

Matheran Mountain Toy Train

Train also passes the road multiple times, all the time human barriers are available for others.
Matheran Mountain Toy Train

It again feel fantastic when train give full throttle and full whistle and it gives WOW experience.

Matheran Mountain Toy Train

Matheran Mountain Toy Train

It was really memorable journey. It begins here.
Matheran Railway Station

Old Style Railway Signal on the way to Matheran-Neral

Happy Traveling.


my initial understanding on project management

Some years spent on Web Development, worked for hours n hours, written thousands of lines of code, learnt a lot, enjoyed too much.

I learnt new things always, things what I learnt as –

  • Live your dream, work what you like.
  • Always try to improve. Learning is a lifelong process.
  • Nothing is easy.
  • Project management is not a easy job.
  • Be a team player first.
  • Error is belongs to humans. This is human’s default property.
  • I understood that Research and Development both are different things.
  • Tell truth, be brave. Only technical people understand how tough it is to fullfill the business need.
  • Respect your competitors and peers and colleagues. As you bow as you reap.
  • 3 things Ethics, honest and reliable with your team. Its tough but this is better way to keep yourself safe.
  • Note down every thing, what you did. where you spent your time everything in bad time you will need all these things.
  • Past achievement has no guarantee of future achievement, give your 100% every time.
  • Luck and lady Luck are important not everything done by handwork.
  • Project Plan. Project Plan. Project Plan. NO substitute for Accute Project Plan.
  • Get Help/support from all/team/colleague/peer/manager, no matter how intelligent you are you need help from someone, sometime.
  • Dont trust/belive on star performer. Everyone in team has to perform.
  • Work for root cause of the issue not for effects.
  • Not necessary A fundu technical person is a good manager and visa-versa. Let him think technically and give other option to other person.
  • Estimate with your buffer. No matter how intelligent we are, errors and problems always occur.

3 things Time (Speed), Money (Cost), Quality. Any 2 things can be achievable simultaneously. Have to suffer with one thing.

I just love these 3 links and try to follow these rules. Any way this will be helpfull to you too.


Happy Project Management.

mumbai, I am lovi’n it. :)


Wow, this city is cool. I wanted to work in this city and I am here.
Its been > 3 months here and I am feeling good here.

Mumbai is workaholic city, every one works and do more work.
Time is very costly and if you understand and respect time then this city is yours. 🙂

I got some of the good views of mumbai.
mumbai town view

This Nackles View of marine drive mumbai is double awesome. 🙂
mumbai marine drive nackles view, Mumbai, India

Got the “chaupati” view
panchratna buidling, and chaupati view ,mumbai town view, Mumbai, INdia

I am exploring more of mumbai.
I am lovi’n it. 🙂

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Crossed 20K hits

Today I have seen that I have crossed the mark of 20,000. Yes its > 20K hits on this blog.

It’s less then 1 yr. I have completed my another 10,000. I have written this when I finished my first 10,000 count. — 10,000 done

Thnx to all those who are reading this and by any chance came here to this blog.

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