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Something Spiritual.

I went for one client meeting and I have seen a diagram. I was not able to take any picture but I have managed to write all the points which was available in picture.

This picture was related to spirituality.

The inner circle is growth and it has 2 section.
The left section has few points as –

  • Culture
  • Value
  • People
  • Ownership
  • Seamless Ness
  • Relationship
  • Dream
  • Desire
  • Ambition
  • Emotion

The right section has few points as –

  • Process
  • Policies
  • System
  • Design
  • Profitability
  • Consequences
  • Opportunity
  • Death
  • Fate
  • Accounts
  • Measurement

If I see these points are very imp in normal life for both Professional and Personal area.

Happy Karma.
Happy Yama.


How Salary Works

How Salary works – It comes like tortoise and goes like rabbit. 🙂

How Salary Works.

How Salary Works.


















Happy Salary 😛

status changed

Status Is Changed

“Committed” => “Married”

Feeling good. 🙂

things for 2010

Hey !!

Happy New Year. Happy 2010.
So what is for 2010.

  • give her full respect, make her happy. Baby I love you.
  • reduce some weight
  • forget 2009
  • give respect and always wear smile
  • get some dressing sense.
  • spend efficiently
  • get time for this blog and my flickr

Welcome 2010.

I am 27 now

Huff!! I am 27 now.

Nothing much happened just a little summary.

left bangalore | joined mumbai | joined new company | still bachelor | no love | cooking my-self | symfony framework |
learning django | bored | home alone | lost little weight | missing home | confident

waiting for something new. Let see.

just thinking…

Today is blank day ( saturday ).

Just thinking …

  • who we are / I am ?
  • why we are / I am ?
  • how we are / I am ?

I have no answer for the last third point. I am totally fed up now a days. 😦
waiting for new time. 🙂

Programmatically now a days reading Python.

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