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my initial understanding on project management

Some years spent on Web Development, worked for hours n hours, written thousands of lines of code, learnt a lot, enjoyed too much.

I learnt new things always, things what I learnt as –

  • Live your dream, work what you like.
  • Always try to improve. Learning is a lifelong process.
  • Nothing is easy.
  • Project management is not a easy job.
  • Be a team player first.
  • Error is belongs to humans. This is human’s default property.
  • I understood that Research and Development both are different things.
  • Tell truth, be brave. Only technical people understand how tough it is to fullfill the business need.
  • Respect your competitors and peers and colleagues. As you bow as you reap.
  • 3 things Ethics, honest and reliable with your team. Its tough but this is better way to keep yourself safe.
  • Note down every thing, what you did. where you spent your time everything in bad time you will need all these things.
  • Past achievement has no guarantee of future achievement, give your 100% every time.
  • Luck and lady Luck are important not everything done by handwork.
  • Project Plan. Project Plan. Project Plan. NO substitute for Accute Project Plan.
  • Get Help/support from all/team/colleague/peer/manager, no matter how intelligent you are you need help from someone, sometime.
  • Dont trust/belive on star performer. Everyone in team has to perform.
  • Work for root cause of the issue not for effects.
  • Not necessary A fundu technical person is a good manager and visa-versa. Let him think technically and give other option to other person.
  • Estimate with your buffer. No matter how intelligent we are, errors and problems always occur.

3 things Time (Speed), Money (Cost), Quality. Any 2 things can be achievable simultaneously. Have to suffer with one thing.

I just love these 3 links and try to follow these rules. Any way this will be helpfull to you too.


Happy Project Management.


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