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Shri Daba Hanuman Ji Temple, Sirohi

This is Daba Hanuman Ji Mandir outside Sirohi City.
Very lonely and very peaceful temple.

My father took me to this place when I was in 6th class. I have very beautiful memories for this temple.

My father told me that this is called as DABA HANUMAN JI because the priest was worshiping the god from left hand. In Sirohi marwadi language left is called as DABA.

So the name has “Daba Hanuman Ji ka Mandir”.


Flag at daba haunman ji mandir, sirohiShri Daba Hanuman Ji Mandir, SirohiShri Daba Hanuman Ji Mandir, SirohiShri Daba Hanuman Ji Mandir, SirohiLordDaba Hanuman Ji Mandir, Sirohi
Daba Hanuman Ji Mandir, SirohiOutside of Shri Daba Hanuman Ji Mandir, SirohiOutside of Shri Daba Hanuman Ji Mandir, SirohiOutside of Shri Daba Hanuman Ji Mandir, SirohiOutside of Shri Daba Hanuman Ji Mandir, SirohiMaharaj at daba hanuman ji temple, sirohi
Maharaj at daba hanuman ji temple, sirohiMaharaj at daba hanuman ji temple, sirohiMaharaj at daba hanuman ji temple, sirohiMaharaj at daba hanuman ji temple, sirohi

Sirohi, Rajasthan, a set on Flickr.

One of my favourite temple in Sirohi. I try to visit every time.

Jai Shree Ram.

Happy Hanuman Ji.

Exploring Mahabaleshwar

Pratapgarh FortPratapgarh Fort Panorama ViewMahabaleshwer Panorama ViewMahabaleshwar Panorama ViewFrom Panchgani Table Land Ponarama ViewPanchgani Table Land Ponarama View
Mahabaleshwar Venna Lake Panorama ViewMahabaleshwar Sunrise Point ( Wilson Point ) Panorama ViewMahabaleshwar Sunrise Point ( Wilson Point ) Panorama ViewWater Flow on the way to Pratapgarh FortTemple inside Pratapgarh FortTemple inside Pratapgarh Fort
Pratapgarh FortOls Cannon Guns at Pratapgarh FortPratapgarh Fort Fight Sequence - IPratapgarh Fort Fight Sequence - IIIPratapgarh Fort Fight Sequence - IIMahabaleshwar Venna Lake
Mahabaleshwar Venna LakeMahabaleshwar Venna LakeMahabaleshwar Venna LakeMahabaleshwar Venna LakeMahabaleshwar Venna LakeMahabaleshwar Venna Lake

Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra, a set on Flickr.

My visit to Mahabaleshwar.

Trip to Shri Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga

Har Har Mahadev.

In June 2011 we visited Shri Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga.
The best time to visit Bhimashankar is mansoon time. June-Aug is the best time to visit the temple.

There are many ways to visit Bhimashankar.
1. Via Trekking from Karjat.
2. Via road side from mumbai-pune highway then by-pass to Talegaon-Chakkan highway road.

Things to know :
1. Temple is very quite and very peaceful.
2. Take all food items with you, very less facility available for food and restaurant.
3. If you love village and villagers then you will love this place.
4. Temple is walkable from bus-station, few walking steps.



In mansoon season the entire way is very good, you feel refreshing.
on the way to bhimashankar

Once you read the bus-stop you have to walk for 5 min
Shiva Jyotrilanga BhimaShankar Temple Market Road

The Temple entrence starts from here –
Shiva Jyotrilanga BhimaShankar Temple Entrence Start

Shiva Jyotrilanga BhimaShankar Temple Entrence

Inside temple
Inside Bhimashankar Temple

The entire experience is awesome.

Har Har Mahadev.

Happy Worship.

Neral – Matheran Mountain Railway

I like rail-fanning though I am not giving too much time on my this hidden activity. But one day I will be active rail-fanning guy.
Want to know all about train and trains. Even though today also its like daily adventure traveling via train in mumbai.

So we have decided to visit Matheran via Neral-Matheran Mountain Railways.
The train timings are very convenient. There are very few routes in India where toy trains are running. You can see like for more detail.

In season time and on weekends the trains are running full, so you make sure you book train tickets well in time. You can book tickets via IRCTC website. So we did the same we have already booked the tickets. 🙂

Nerail is situated in Mumbai – Pune rail road. From Neral we can catch Matheran Train which takes 90 minutes average.

Neral-Matheran Train Time Table.

Neral - Matheran Train Time Table

Neral Railway Station

Nerail Junction, Maharashtra

Matheran Railway Station

Neral-Matheran Railway Engine

Matheran Railway Station

Matheran Railway Station

Matheran Railway Station

A View of narrow gauge, it looks very less space between two tracks and put us into confusion that how a train run on such a narrow space.
At Matheran Railway Station

Neral – Matheran Train traveling is all about fun, curves, hight, slow speed, toy train, stops, views and panoramas.

I clicked some of the train engines.
Neral-Matheran Railway Engine

Neral-Matheran Railway Engine

Neral - Matheran Railway Engine

Neral - Matheran Railway Engine

Neral - Matheran Railway Engine

Neral-Matheran Train Engine

One by one every single engine is looking great and perfect. These trains are also used as passing goods to matheran city.
I clicked the insides engines photos also.. every other engines has its own gears and views…

Neral – Matheran Rail Engine Inside Views

Neral-Matheran Railway Engine

Neral - Matheran Railway Engine - Inside

The full track is covered as curves. Multiple curves in the routes.

Curves at Neral – Matheran route

Matheran Railway Track

Matheran Railway Track

And how about passing from tunnel – A fantastic view.
Neral-Matheran Railway Engine in Tunnel

It feels good when toy train stops at between station and you enjoy a sip of tea.
Matheran Mountain Toy Train

Matheran Mountain Toy Train

Train also passes the road multiple times, all the time human barriers are available for others.
Matheran Mountain Toy Train

It again feel fantastic when train give full throttle and full whistle and it gives WOW experience.

Matheran Mountain Toy Train

Matheran Mountain Toy Train

It was really memorable journey. It begins here.
Matheran Railway Station

Old Style Railway Signal on the way to Matheran-Neral

Happy Traveling.

Matheran Hill Railway Photo Journey

Vodpod videos no longer available.


moment of pride – ticket booking throught IRCTC

Case: Ticket Booking for diwali, Need train ticket for 3rd november, 2010 and ticket are available from today aka 5th August, 2010.

Train: Aravali Express 9707


  • At 0800 Hrs – Booking is not allowed IRCTC says you can book ticket after 8 AM, may be my watch is fast. Hold On you Breath…
  • At 0805 Hrs – Oh!! its showing the seats available total seats avail is around 400.I am ready with Quick Book Facility. Fast.Fast..Fast…
  • At 0807 Hrs – Clicked on quick book and payment is done. Good.Good..Good…
  • At 0808 Hrs – Payment is success fully done, and WTF it shows the error page from IRCTC. Prayed to GOD. 😦 Shit.Shit..Shit…
  • At 0809 Hrs – OMG!! Tickets are booked, thanks to Lord. Got only UB and SU. OMG.OMG..OMG…
  • At 0810 Hrs – WTF! Just checking the further status. The ticket status is now WL 156. Oh!Oh!!Oh!!!
  • At 0815 Hrs – Service Unavailable. 😦 😦 😦

Tickets are booked. Its like moment of pride. 😛

Happy Journey.

Darshan timings for famous temples in mewar area of rajasthan

Timings for famous temples in Mewar Area of Rajasthan.

1. EklingNath Mahadev, Ek ling ji, Udaipur.

2. Shree Nath Ji, Nathdwara
Shri Nathdwara (a pathway to Lord Shri Krishna)

3. Dawarka Dheesh Ji, Kankroli
Sri Dwarkadish Prabhu ( Lord Krishna as King of Dwarka )

4. CharBhuja Nath Ji, Rajsamand.
Charbhuja nath or charbhuja ji is an another name of lord Vishnu

Happy Mewar, Happy Worship.

exploring mumbai for pav-bhaji

So yesterday was friday. I called my cousin After my office which is in borivali, and his office is in vikroli. I asked him dude, where to go.

He told, lets come to matunga central, you will get good pav-bhaji there. I think it was kings circle or maheshweri circle.
And I said wow, for 25 rs pav-bhaji we went all the way to matunga.

Reached there at 2230 and reached home at 0100 :D.

And at last we ended with awesome pav-bhaji, where pav is “lasan wala pav” then “eagle (goregaon) wala icecream { chiku and kesar flavor } 😛

जमीन पर चटाई बिछा रखी थी, ऐसा लग रहा था मानो पंगत मैं बैठ कर खाना खा रहे हो.
बस, फ़िर उसके बाद eagle wala ice-cream, अरे वही अपने गोरेगांव वाला eagle ice-cream. 😀

But we explored a lot that day. That is how we called as pure food junkies. 😛

Wow, nice weekend is waiting for us.

obsarvation at borivali station – railfanning

A railfan, railway enthusiast or railway buff is a person interested in an amateur capacity in rail transport.

Though I love planes too but rail fanning is another adventure.

At 2100 hrs I was at borivali station BVI.

  • 2104 IST WCAM – 2 Shatabdi Express ahmedabad mumbai. at PF 5
  • 2121 IST WCAM #21818 Ahmedabad – Dhanu Road. PF5
  • 2130 IST 9005 BCT-OKAH ( Mumbai Central – Okha ) at PF 4
  • 2140 IST WCAM #21816 Bandra Jaipur Aravali Expresee 9707 at PF 6

So you know what this WCAM means. This is the indian railway engine code.

W – A loco which run on broad guage.
CA – Electric loco ( AC/DC ) which run on both AC/DC
M – Loco used for both passenger and goods trains.

So thats why its WCAM model. So next time if you see any engine which says WCAM then you will also get the same idea.

Now a days I am learning more about rail stuffs. I will update soon as I will learn any thing more on same.

Happy Railfanning. 🙂

trip to kanyakumari, the last district of india.

I had this trip in 1st week of Feb – 08

WordPress is not allowing me to put the flickr slide-show.

All the photos are here. It was nice and awesome trip.

kanyakumari trip photos

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trip to ooty,coonoor,the nilgiris

I had this trip in 2nd last week of december.
I wanted to write about that from last so many days but not getting time.

WordPress is not allowing me to put the flickr slide-show.
all the photos are here. It was nice and awesome trip.

ooty trip photos

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sirohi , rajasthan tribal/rabari women.

sirohi , rajasthan tribal women., originally uploaded by ganuullu.

Today I have set my flickr account to my blog.
This is the test.
But this photo I have taken while my trip to my native place sirohi ( rajasthan)

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GoaTrip GoGoa Bangalore to Goa

Huff!! After so many days / months we planned for the new trip. Wow!! that is goa.

GOA have lots and lods of things to do

* Not sure for veg food , but you will get good and best kind of non-veg food there. ( I am veg but I was unable to find some good testy veg food., but my friends enjoyed a lot. )
* For the out-side india guys, its very cheap for them. ITs very cheap for UK and USA guys.
* Beaches, ufff!! go the rest and forget all the things and enjoy, around some 80-120 km stretch of beach line.
* If you like to visit some good tramples and Cathedrals then goa is again good place to visit.
* What about discos and pubs don’t forget to go. ( we went in off-season so it was tough to find good discs. )
* Get bikes , car , cycle on rent and enjoy as the way you like.
* First time in india you will get bike taxi , so you what you need more tell the “pilot” – the bike driver that where you want to go. 🙂
* lods and lods more….

From bangalore to goa we have 2 indian rail timings —
1. 7309 YPR VASCO EXP – only on tuesday and sunday.
leaves yashwantpur at 1515 IST and reach vasco at 0600 IST
2. 7311 MAS VASCO EXP – only on firday.
leaves yashwantpur at 2115 IST and reach vasco at 1245 IST

From goa to bangalore – indian rail timeings.
1. 7310 YPR BIWEEKLY EXP – on monday and saturday
leaves vasco at 2045 IST and reach yashwantpur at next day 1100 IST.
2. 7312 VSG CHENNAI EXP – only on thrusday
leaves vasco at 1430 IST and reach yashwantpur at morning 0500 IST.

Konkani is the most widely spoken language in Goa but one can survive with English and Hindi too.

Then we 5 guys were finally ready for goa trip.
all 5

Goa is good place to visit. We have taken the KSRTC bus from bangalore to goa and come back.
bus for bangalore to goa and back

Goa is very good , beautiful place to visit. You will get all green places. On the way to goa we found some of the good places.
on the way to panjim to mapusastatue

church @ goasmall coconut tree

We were missing with one more license out of 5 guys. So we thought to visit goa by local transport bus.
That was also quite fun to visit goa by local transport when everyone is visiting on bikes.
goa local bus
We visited to anjuna beach, vagator beach, calangute beach, aguda fort and chapora fort.
And we have done a lot bathing and good food and yes fenny. ! 🙂

Our first try to Anjna beach – Anjuna beach having more restaurants and bars. This place is famous for non-indian guys. A this is also famous for peace kind of guys. And again this is famous place for chilam, pipes. So many time this place was blocked by govt. Not so good beach for visit, it contain rocks too in the water but you can have fun. 🙂

anjuna beach in action
anjuna beach in action
trees @ anjuna beach

If you going to Anjuna beach and you must attend Anjuna Flea market always on Wednesdays from morning to evening. You can test your Bargaining skills.

anjuna flea market

anjuna flea market

Thats it , this is much for Anjuna. 🙂

Our Next target was “Calangute”.
Calangute is known as “Gods famous beach” 13kms from Panjim and 8kms from Mapusa.

calangute beach

calangute beach , Goa

We have planned to stay here and since this was the off-season we got the place to stay there.

our day one stay

In the morning season the Calangute Beach is very heavy and the water is so tight here. We thought to take bath early morning but by looking the mood of water we changed our plan.

calangute beach , Goa

calangute beach , Goa

Some more photos from Calangute Beach

wall painting at calangute beach , Goame @ calangute beach Goa

calangute beach at nightnight dinner at calangute beach

Next target was – “Fort Aguda” (meaning ‘water’ in Portuguese). This fort is like local harbour for goan fishing people. At the down part of fort is now central jail for goa.

fort aguda

fort aguda

This is the new light – house —
goa light house

Aguada Fort was built in 1962 this palce to preserve the old Goa from Dutch and Maratha raiders and this is built on Mandovi River.

Just some more phots with “Fort Aguda”

We enjoyed a lot for “Aguda Fort” since we have coverd this palce by kind of tracking , no bike, no taxi just waking to all the place and want to spent more time with the place.
satya - action. :)
no bike , no text , Goa on the moveon the move from fort aguda

Our next target was “Chapora Fort” and “Vagator Beach”. “Chapora Fort” was built by the Adil Shah of Bijapur on Chapora River. It was also known as “Shahpur” and is now mostly ruined. It has a commanding view of the Vagator beach.

chapora fort

chapora fortchapora fort

In “Vagator Beach” you will get black lava rocks – full black, good coconut trees, and awesome nature way.
Vagator and Chapora are really awesome place , one who love the peace and view should go there.

good view

vagator beach

vagator I


Vindaloo and Xacuti (pronounced Cha’cuti) are originally Goan dishes sorry we were not able to eat that. But that will be in TO-DO list for next time.

Anoter places ( targets ) also we covered as “Dona Paula”.

In the summary it was awesome visit to goa. “GoGoa”.

panjim in night view

So GoGoa is done in the travel list.

all 5

Must go places at GOA.

* Calangute Beach
* Baga Beach
* Chapora Fort
* Anjuna Beach
* Palolem Beach
* Miramar Beach
* Vagator Beach
* Dona Paula
* Candolim and Sinquerim Beach
* Colva and Benaulim Beach

Find my all other GoGoa photos here.

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