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The Guru Purnima – A Great Meaning.

My cousin forwarded me a nice mail about “The Guru Purnima”. A different approach.

Guru Purnima specifically is a day where there is a possibility to be receptive to the particular dimension which we refer to as the Guru — not that it is not available on other days; the guru’s grace always is.

You don’t seek a guru first of all. You create a deep longing to know – a guru will happen to you.
You don’t seek, going about choosing who is a better guru. You just create a deep longing.
What you call as guru will happen to you because guru is not a person.

A guru is a certain space, a certain energy.
It can only happen to you.
It is not somebody you meet.
It is not somebody that you shake hands with.
It is not somebody that you bow down to.
It is not somebody to whom you go and beg for this or that.
That space, that energy which you refer to as guru will happen to you.
It will overwhelm you.

It will destroy you the way you are so that you will become unbound – the way the Creator intended you to be.

Happy Guru Purnima.

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