Start working with symfony 1.4

My colleague Subedar has started using Symfony 1.4. Today he shared me this list that how to install symfony 1.4 into your machine.

This is tested in windows, I have not tried in my ubuntu lappy. I will try and setup in my linux lappy and buzz you will more updates. I have some idea with 1.4 let see… Stay tuned…

Step for symfony 1.4 installation

  1. create a folder for your project on your local machine
    Ex project name  “testproject”
  2. Create “lib” folder in  project folder and create “vendor” in lib folder
    now the directory structure become  projectname/lib/vendor
  3. Now put symfony1.4 file in vendor folder and rename it as symfony
  4. Now execute the following command
    if  you want project with propel then execute

    php lib\vendor\symfony\data\bin\symfony generate:project testproject --orm=Propel

    if you want project in doctrine

    php lib\vendor\symfony\data\bin\symfony generate:project testproject --orm=none
  5. Now set database and password
    php symfony configure:database "mysql:host=localhost;dbname=dbname"  root rootPassword
  6. you can directly change in the file database.yml and propel.ini
  7. Now create application by executing
    php symfony generate:app frontend
  8. Create module
    php symfony generate:module frontend default
  9. Check php.ini if extension=php_pdo.dll not open then open it also check extension=php_pdo_mysql.dll

Hope this will be helpfull. Happy Programming.


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