obsarvation at borivali station – railfanning

A railfan, railway enthusiast or railway buff is a person interested in an amateur capacity in rail transport.

Though I love planes too but rail fanning is another adventure.

At 2100 hrs I was at borivali station BVI.

  • 2104 IST WCAM – 2 Shatabdi Express ahmedabad mumbai. at PF 5
  • 2121 IST WCAM #21818 Ahmedabad – Dhanu Road. PF5
  • 2130 IST 9005 BCT-OKAH ( Mumbai Central – Okha ) at PF 4
  • 2140 IST WCAM #21816 Bandra Jaipur Aravali Expresee 9707 at PF 6

So you know what this WCAM means. This is the indian railway engine code.

W – A loco which run on broad guage.
CA – Electric loco ( AC/DC ) which run on both AC/DC
M – Loco used for both passenger and goods trains.

So thats why its WCAM model. So next time if you see any engine which says WCAM then you will also get the same idea.

Now a days I am learning more about rail stuffs. I will update soon as I will learn any thing more on same.

Happy Railfanning. 🙂


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