Year 2007 and me, A joyfull ride.

Today 18:03 , 31st December , 2007. Watching the last sunset from office and looking back to my 2007 year. 🙂 It was fun and full masti to this year. I think this year there are lots of ups and downs happened.

The big thing is I am still continuing with my same company (Aztecsoft Limited) , else I have record to change the companies in 9-10 months. (what I did with my previous 2 companies) In my 2007 resolution I thought to not to change the place and I am succeeded in that. Looking for the same for 2008. 🙂

A year back on Jan 2007 I have posted this you can say a kind of resolutions for 2007 things-to-do-in-2007.

In February visited to mumbai for my cousin brothers marriage it was nice fun and family get together.

3 dudesmorning raga

And how can I forget the desi sweets and enjoyed lot and had lot of sweets on that day.


The next trip was to nandi hills, I am in bangalore from last 3 yrs and went nandi hills after 2 yrs. that is very bad but again it was fun.


If you are in IT and not attending the barcampbangalore then that is also not fair. It was mine continuous 5th entry to barcampbangalore , but I am silent listener. 🙂

barcampbangalore bannerposter at IIMB gate

How can I forget the awesome GOA trip. It was fantastic and nice.

all 5all 5

)vagator beach goa. I

As I planned at 2007 starting to visit my native place more then 1 time, so this time visited 2 time so parents also happy and me too also happy.

main entrence of sarneshwer tample sirohi cityThis is very famous and ancient temple of my place.

The last trip was to ooty. This is another place with quietness and meditated place.

Botanical Garden, Ooty, Nilgirime

  • As per the my professional side , I have quit the plan to read ruby and now switched to python. So now my language knowing graph is more PHP then little Perl and very less Python. But this year I will concentrate on all the 3 language and learn this P^3 ( P Cube ) language bundle. Just wanted to ful-fill the LAMP series. 🙂
  • As per the BMI concern , I am still the same, the weight was reduced but again increased but this year 2008 is the key year for reducing weight. I have increased my food habit so now I have to control that too. 🙂

So year 2007, bye bye. It was great time with you. I enjoyed a lot and looking for the same , even much better for the 2008. 🙂

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