spider man -3 , my junk thoughts

SpiderMan – 3

Oh! my god at last all the things are cool down and the movie came in the market. I have seen the movie on friday on the release day at nite 2200 IST show at innovative , bangalore.

And after watching that I got only one stance – “Are yaar maja nahi aaya yaar”.

I think for full 2 hr and 15 min it was mix up of what , of some thing. I think the movie was very long, the story was confusing and some time boring.

I can remember some indian touch also in the movie. he he he … We can put some indian dialouge in that movie that will fit the character too as.. “kutte main tera khoon pee jaunga” , “agar ma ka doodh piya hai to samne aa” “dost! main aa gaya hu, tu chinta mat kar” .. so I think we can simulate all the sentances in the movie.

But it was fun with the animation , the spider main will move here from there zoooom–zoooom.. huff. 🙂

some loop holes were also there , from where the evil spider man came , how come only the hero is the target not the another man. ( oh ! I can think about the indian cinema )

But it was OK. One can go and enjoy some 2-3 hours there and spend your week – end. 🙂

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