things to do in 2007 :)

Plans for 2007 🙂 These are the core areas in which I am looking my 2007  😀

  • reduce some little weight, that is high priority issue. 🙂
  • buy laptop ( that is in planning phase ) else next year surely.
  • lap-top things are really missing. 🙂 { this is logical thing }
  • learn kannada to some more extent. ( this is the task I am moving year to year.)
  • Plan to go home >1 times.
  • Some more updates/learnings on Perl and Ruby & Debian.
  • Planning to do the certification on PHP.
  • More concentration on investments. 🙂
  • No plan for marriage or engagement.
  • do not want to change the existing company.

thats it, this is for 2007. 🙂

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