2007 for me by Horoscopes !!!

I am SAGITTARIUS and this year will be some thing like this for me.

OVERVIEW: Your strong sense of self will get you through almost anything this year, and your confidence will enable you to take on any new opportunities that come your way. You’re focused on communicating more, and may find that writing becomes more predominant in your career. You really enjoy working and being gainfully employed. Your energetic and happy nature gives a lot to others in ways that make them feel very comfortable. People know that you’re sincerely interested in what they have to say because you’re such a good listener.

CAREER: Creative writing talents are a very strong factor in how you make money this year. You love giving to others in ways that make people feel good about themselves. You have a flair for expressing your good heart through writing and theater, and it shows with expansiveness and abundant energy. Your extremely optimistic nature sees possibility in everything, a person for whom the glass is definitely ‘half full’ rather than ‘half empty.’ Feeling as if you can do anything is an important component of your self image and will get you far in life. You easily express yourself in many ways and feel itchy to start new projects this year where you can explore your creativity.

LOVE: You’ll feel a deep emotional connection with your partner this year and discover exciting new ways of communicating. You feel mentally stimulated and are able to communicate your needs. You will be listened to in new ways as you create fresh positive value systems based on new goals. You feel as if a fog is being lifted when it comes to communication and relationships since you will get very clear feedback and lots of love and understanding returned. You are very aware of how others affect you emotionally and, conversely, you notice your affect on them.

Hope for the best.

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