Trip to my HOME a sweet HOME :)

After so many long days I think after 2 yr I went to my native palce. That is sirohi. or get the wikimapia info. I am not sure you know abt sirohi of not , then this place comes in rajasthan. If you know mount abu then mt. abu comes in sirohi district. So I belongs to sirohi town.

Just nothing much to say for that place. Just enjoyed a lot for full 5 days. A lot more talks and more talks with my parents for full 5 days and nights. I had spent my time with my greandparents too and other relatives.

Had some great stuffs/foods/fun/meetups. That is just like enjoying old memories. Went to library, my school and tample. I had some chat and pani-puri and refreshed my tounge with the taste. And I did a lot of travelling in the near area too and went for a long walk of the city and refreshed my memory too. 🙂

At the end I can just say, home is home. No place can be home. Photos I have uploaded to my flickr account.

Just waiting for the next time, when I will again go there. ??

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