Good and cool tips/habits to Reduce/Loose weight

I know loosing weight is like dreams , and when you are too 🙂 There are some nice way to reduce you weight. I am still working on it.

  • Tension nahi lena ka. it will reduce in a proper way.  
  • Take home made food.
  • Wait, this is not quick process, do not go for the shortcuts. It will take time and slow and study wins the race.
  • Swimming, jogging, walking, dancing, aerobic make all these activities as DAILY. Atleset make any 2 for DAILY.
  • No smoking. 😦 this is really bad habit.
  • Early to bad and early to rise , makes the man healty , wealthy and wise.
  • ha ha ha .. do not weight yourself daily. Once in week in enough.
  • Use proper and balance diet.
  • Enjoy for your exercise , do it with full happiness and fun. Do not take load.
  • Do not ask to all, and do not take advise form all, just start working on it. We ask to some odd person and do not start work on that.

Hey , this is not related to your food habit and all, this is just the overall fundas what you can do and what I am doing for that.

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