My first trip to god’s own country

I am in bangalore from last 2 yr and I have not visited kerla this is not fair. So this time I have decided to go to kerla and really I found this is god’s own country the meaning exists.

Me , anoop and subramanyam ( my x-colleagues of stylus )  we planned to go to kerla and to attend our friend vinnod’s marriage. How to go no reservation and nothing and we reached to mejestic ( bangalore roadways bus staion) .

Now this is known as real fight when you have to go to kerla ( some thing like 14 hrs journy ) and without reservation but any way this is like fun. Atlast we made is successfully and we reached to the destination place. See how we reached tehre —

  • bangalore to selam ( 2100 to 0300 )
  • selam to coimbatore ( 0300 to 0700 )
  • coimbatore to pallakad ( 0700 to 0900)
  • pallakad to trissur ( 0900 to 1100)
  • trissur to tripyarar ( 1100 to 1300)

And the surroundings from pallakad to the place is nice , is really very nice. Since I am from rajasthan I have never seen so much green and more green ever.

We have attended the reciption of my friends marriage and then headed to beach now this is not the famous beach but situated in triyarar somewhare. The beach with full of coconut trees and no – body , since it was the beach in the village so no crowd and only we and the sea and some 1-2 villagers and 1-2 boates and lots of water and more water. 🙂 🙂 🙂  Then we have some round of photo session and sea bath and moved to our hotel.

Next day we ready at 0900 at start for Guruvayur temple – 29kms away from Thrissur, this is also one of the most sacred pilgrimage centers in the state. The presiding deity is Lord Krishna. Legend has it that Guru, the preceptor of Gods and Vayu, the God of wind, created the temple.


This is the awesome place , the rule is you can not wear shirt pant. You are only allowed in kind of dhoti and above that nothing and for ladies only white/normal sari. We had nice darshan of lord krishna , a very old and rare tample. Then we spread some more here and there and headed to again bus staion to come to bangalore.

In the summary I think we have a great visit to kerla. I know still so many nice and more nice places are remaing , but atleast we have touched the kerla and have seen some ( 1-2 ) places. Things what I found unique there is —

  • in evening all hindu homes will put a dia in front of main gate and do the prayer.
  • on an average out of 10 people 7 weares the lungi either white or redish.
  • if you travel 20 km also you wont find the empty place , every where either you will see the home or tample ot church or trees or back water stream The density is much.
  • good looking girls having umbrella with them either it’s raining or not. 🙂
  • lemon juice in all the juice places and the taste is so good.
  • bus drivers are like pilots , they scared me a lot. 🙂

This is the nice trip to the god’s own country. I had lots of fun there.
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