PHP function summary

Just while surfing I got some imp categorization of the PHP functions. And this is really very nice to go thru it.

PHP strings : strstr, strchr, stristr, strpos, strrchr, stripos, mb_strpos, mb_strrpos, strrpos, strripos, substr

PHP Regular Expression : ereg, eregi, mb_ereg, mb_eregi, preg_match, preg_match_all

PHP string substitution : ereg_replace, eregi_replace, mb_ereg_replace, mb_eregi_replace, preg_replace, str_ireplace, str_replace, ltrim, rtrim, trim, nl2br

PHP MySQL connection : dbx_connect, fbsql_connect, ibase_connect, msql_connect, msql_pconnect, mssql_connect, mysql_connect, odbc_connect, pg_connect, pg_pconnect,
sesam_connect, ifx_pconnect, ifx_connect, sqlite_open, sqlite_popen, mysqli_connect, mysqli_pconnect

PHP file open : dio_open, fopen, proc_open, popen, gzopen

PHP file reading : dio_read, fread, gzread, socket_read, socket_recv, socket_recvfrom,
    socket_recvmsg, readline, fgetc, fgets, stream_get_line, file

PHP writing & printing : print, echo, printf, fprintf, vprintf, dio_write, fwrite, fputs,
    gzwrite, socket_send, socket_sendmsg, socket_sendto, socket_write, socket_writev

PHP closing : closelog, dio_close, fclose, gzclose, pclose, socket_close, proc_close

PHP splitting : split, explode, strtok, spliti, chunk_split, mb_split, preg_split, str_split

PHP array play : array_filter, preg_grep, array_search, array_unique, in_array, array_map, array_walk, array_count_values, array_change_key_case, array_sum

PHP sorting : sort, arsort, asort, krsort, ksort, natsort, natcasesort, rsort, usort,  array_multisort, uasort, uksort, dbx_sort, imap_sort, ldap_sort, yaz_sort

PHP escaping : dbx_escape_string, escapeshellarg, escapeshellcmd, pg_escape_bytea,
pg_escape_string, pg_unescape_bytea, addslashes, addcslashes, preg_quote, quotemeta, mysql_escape_string, mysql_real_escape_string, mysqli_real_escape_string, sqlite_escape_string

PHP miscellaneous : array_combine, array_fill, array_merge, list, range, count,    create_function, strtr, pow, putenv, getenv, getmygid, getmypid, getmyuid

May be some thing is remaing , then plz go thru that also. 😉

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