my trip to Shravanbelagola

Now this saturday we decided to go to Shravanbelagola, and I think we have taken the good decision. It was really a great experience.

how to reach — from bangalore it is around 160 km. and the best way waht I found is bus. KSRTC bus. At morning 0600 hrs. you will have a direct bus to that place and if suppose you will miss that bus you can take any bus which head to chayanpattanna (sorry for spelling mistake) and then it will only 11-12 km from that place.

what is there — now what is there to see, then this is very famous place to visit ,that place is 1000 yr old place and most important Jain pilgrim centres of india. The statue is 58 ft high, naked, with 26 ft wide shoulders, 10-ft of its feet. It’s simple. Nearly 1,800 years old, the statue which is reached by climbing around 700 steps carved in the steep granite slope, It was sculpted by Aristanemi in 981 AD and Chamundaraya,  a general and minister of the Ganga King Rachamatta installed it  in 983 AD. 

statue of lord Gomteshwera at shravanbelagola 

( photo taken from )

This is again a great visit of mine. I think you must have to go there and see the great place.

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