PHP and Perl – a good comparison

Now this is again a good topic , and I got 1 more link, and this link is also good.

I found that the owner has done some kind of perfect analysis of the language Perl and PHP.

Like you can say.

Number of PHP main functions: 3079 [1]
Number of Perl main functions: 206 [2]

Median PHP function name length: 13
Mean PHP function name length: 13.67

Median Perl function name length: 6
Mean Perl function name length: 6.22

and it has one more statement as “Why has PHP got 3079 functions while Perl does with only 206? In PHP, there are usually several functions that are very similar. In Perl, you have to know and remember less.”

By this way , you can also check this site.

chk this –

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