my unforgottable sunday trip..

The day came when the me and my previous co. guyz-galz had a great trip. I think it was a great moment that a group having 45 people in which 75% are ex-employees of that co. and we all went for the trip.. You can imagine how wonderfull it is.

It was a great moment, when at last the trip schedule is decided. thnx to all person.. who made it successfull..

The day was full of fun, and I and we enjoyed like any thing..

The place was M.S. Resort,Bidadi,Mysore Road.. The place is not so much advanced but we liked it very much..

We had the first entry then the welcome drink, and the 'CAPTIAN' of our trip. He was so kind.

Now the 'intro' session and here we get to know abot the monkey event of namitha and the dinesh macha's crush with chitra. Lage raho beta lage raho … Pata nahi apni kismat kab jagegi..

Then the moment came for which I was waiting from last so many months "SWIMMING". So I played with water and enjoyed. And the girls took some kool pic. for us. Thnx to her..

Hufff !! After a great bath obviously time to food.. and I think my dear friend "Dayananda" break all the records.. and some hidden friends also.. even me too we eat too much… Thnx to the cook..

then what .. games and fun so we had the game "Damsh-Raj"
** Sorry for spelling mistake **

and the best time I remember when shiva acted for the movie "julie" by pointing 'roshan' ha ha ha ha ha … thnx to balaji and nams-namitha.. they put thier effort to write the film names..

huf!! now what.. some enjoy. dhamal – masti so time to *music* so the Mr. Captian gave the good performence of his singing talent.. and then "Musical Chair Game" ha ha ha ha ha ha … and last bumps to the winner – Shiva Kumat.. and thnx to us who gave the prinout on his butt..

then the joy ride to "columbus" and here again dayanada proved his strongness…

Time to 😦 ( end of the trip..) so time to photo session so photo session and sivaprakasham took my unusual photo and told this will be good to put in metrimonial site 😦 — please don't put that in the group —

and at last we decided to tell rest of guyz-galz to join the group and to make some more events for that…

So that was my unforgotabble trip… I really enjoyed…



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    This post has been removed by the author.

  2. Posted February 7, 2006 at 12:17 pm | Permalink | Reply

    hey ankur,
    it’s nice to hear,i hope u guyz njoyed a lot.. have a great day..
    happy friendship..
    cheers with Love .. shiv..raj..


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