Essential points in PHP to refer

The Basics of PHP:
Introducing PHP
PHP and databases
Creating a PHP page
Using PHP tags
Language basics
Constants and variables
Conditional structures
Iteration and loops
Variable functions
Including files

Object-oriented PHP:
The basics of object oriented programming
Instantiation and constructors
Accessing objects, methods and attributes
Implementing inheritance

PHP and the Web:
Creating HTML content using PHP
Client side and server side embedding PHP in HTML
Creating forms
GET and POST – accessing form variables
The super arrays: accessing global information
Session management

Variable collections introducing arrays
Numerically indexed and associative arrays
Multidimensional arrays
Serializing arrays
Manipulating arrays

Strings and Regular Expressions:
Formatting strings
Comparing strings
Modifying string contents
Regular expressions
Extract in data from strings
Joining and splitting strings

File Manipulation:
Opening a file
Writing to a file
Reading from a file
Closing a file
In two rounds with the file system
File locking

Managing Date and Time:
Dates in PHP
Getting the current date
Converting a strained into a date
More date functions
Date calculations
Dates and databases
Using the calendar functions
The UNIX epoch and the dangers of UNIX dates

Managing E-mail:
Sending e-mail
Managing the headers
Formatting an e-mail message
Attaching a file to a message

PHP and Databases:
When to use a database
Types of databases supported by PHP
Inserting data
Extracting data
Joining data

Stream and Network Programming:
Using file wrappers
Connecting to a remote host using sockets
Blocking and non-blocking calls
Creating and using streams

Trusted and untrusted input
Managing authentication
Escaping data for database and shell programming
Validating input
Preventing XSS attacks

Debugging and Performance Management:
Common programming mistakes
Programming logic
Creating good code
Avoiding bugs
Avoiding performance pitfalls
Troubleshooting performance bottlenecks


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